Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll Be Back

I vanished without telling 6 where I'd be going, sorry about that.

I'm in Singapore for a week so things on LLD will be fairly quiet for some days. It's nice and hot here and I'm chilling and giving the new Converses a good run in.

I flew past Sri Lanka on the way, I waved to you lot but it was early and no one waved back.

Regular checking in will be done. Then, 'pon my return I'll bore you with tales of plane trips, the great PG Wodehouse book I'm reading, why I wish my iPod would go louder and the fantastic rice and mutton curry dinner served on the plane. And not forgetting what if felt like to fly on 9/11.

Have a good weekend all.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip and be safe.

sach said...

tsk tsk you didn't even tell Dinidu? because if you had, i'm sure he'd have woken up early enough to wave back.

Ahamed Nizar said...

i waved!!!

Soixante Neuf said...


That relief. Leaves me weak, I tell you.

Have a great trip R. We miss your posts about poo and necklaces and fashion and music.


Dinidu said...

I know why you went there! Nya nya nya nya nyaa! :P