Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Monday And I'm Back With The 'Rents

Here I am, Monday morning and back in London, back in my office and back living with my parents.

Now that the heat and humidity of Singapore is beginning to evaporate I'm coming to terms, or failing to come to terms, with living with my parents again. As other bloggers struggle to find topics and what's it calleds to write about I'm hit with so many possibilities that I can't make a straight choice.

There are tales from Singapore, of the crying woman in the shopping centre or the close call with the woman's coat I nearly bought. The tales of shopping, of massages and of little lychee like desserts that are one of the best things I've found since I discovered the joys of drumming. I've got plenty to say about food, books, foot hygiene and foreigners and potloads to chew the cud with you on Sri Lanka compared to Singapore and Singapore compared to Britain.

There are things about work that I can't tell you about, mostly because I can't trust you. I'll talk about drumming of course, which bores most of my readers but keeps me happy, about Friday being my last gig with Mimosa and tonight being my last ever rehearsal with them. How it's good and fun to learn songs on a plane, but why I must be careful with my arm and leg movement.

The temptation to rant, to vent and to fume about my parents is high. I'm resisting it though, as I know I'm lucky to have them and their kindness and hospitality. Being Sri Lankan has many good points and the parents are just two of them. Just now I'm not going to tell you about my Dad's lecture to me on mineral water being a total waste of money or about my Mum's continual attempts to persuade me to play jazz drums, or to try to. No, around these parts positivity is the thing and I'm happy for the food, grateful for the kindness and abundant about the lessons in life (ongoing and free).

The week is young. As it develops I'll figure out which bits I'll share and which I'll keep inside. Needless to say there'll be no bloggers block in these parts, there's just too much going on in my head.

In the meantime I wish you all a good Monday and hope 6 is happy now that I'm back and there are a couple of pics on my flickr account for her to see.


Anonymous said...

Ha it is still Sunday for me and getting ready to go for a dinner at Benihana sound alike, half way. (They just call it Hana and charges more!) It is my/our friend's kids birthday, who turned nine, (Yes I hang around with older people, there are not many 24 year old lecturers). But I am waiting to hear your stories. Only thing I can tell you is that parents are the best thing in the world disguised as philosophical professors and a whole lot of love that no other could give. At least I see it that way!
Happy drumming!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the stay and learn much from them! I particularly enjoy listening to the tales from their youth etc!Actually I envy you right now, as I miss my own parents a lot!

Good luck!

sach said...

welcome back. though it's rather disheartening to hear that parental nagging never stops.

Soixante Neuf said...

I agree with Sach. Very disheartening indeed. Parents are wonderful but need to be told a thing or two once in a while. Even if they never listen. I hope to gain ground by mere repitition.

I'm thrilled you're back. Looking forward to all the stories. The almost purchased lady's coat in particular sounds rather intriguing.

Write soon. I, I mean, WE await your tales with baited breath.


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Kalu - I hope my kids say nice things like that about me in time to come, it's hard to picture!

Indyana - Thanks, I'll need it, but try to keep hold of the good things

Sach - I believe it's also part of being Sri Lankan. We're always kids, no matter how old we are.

6 - the stories will come. My ghost writers are hard at work as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Hi people, I just left this comment for Indyana, thought it fits here as well?

"Yes, Indyana. I was the worst kid my parents had, they were on pins 24 hours a day when I was a teen but see how I am today, still keeping then on pins 24 hours a day! with different worries. (My Mom just drove over today, cooked me chicken the way I like, came to the campus, gave me a hug if front of my class, asked if I have money, I said no! then her forehead turned in to a question mark and asked what I did with pay check(s)? I said in the bank. she smiled said she want to see(inspect, she has seen it many times now) my new house and left to teach her class!{she lectures once a week here.}) How can I not love her! If these are what they call nagging on RD’s blog, Please nag more Mom!"