Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've been listening to this almost non stop for the last few days and had to share it, though it's not the proper video. It's the most impactful song on me for a while. Check out the middle eight from about 3.20.

I'm taking the girls to see them in November and can't wait for that, can't wait for the new album too.


St. Fallen said...

ooh nice
been waiting for the album myself!
my fave. Muse song has to be Dead Star though, check out the V fest. version :D

chi chi said...

Muse are AMAZING live! your girls are really lucky to be introduced to good music by their dad..

all i got was sohan and the experiements :(

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

St F - I think, if I had to choose a favourite, it'd probably be Starlight, which we also do in my covers band. I've got a dodgy recording of us doing it live which I'm contemplating posting up here now.

Chi chi - Yes, we actually saw them a couple of years ago at Wembley Stadium and it was fantastic. It was the girls' first proper gig and I think a good welcome to the world of live music for them.

St. Fallen said...

post it!!! :D
oh btw, if you're interested, I've posted some of my music here:
it's an awesome site for indie music, btw! :D

PseudoRandom said...

Jealous!!! Muse are supposedly one of the best bands to see live. I think my favourite is 'Plug In Baby', but 'Starlight' is good too :-).