Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Brown Ball - Not For Girls

AKA my new thing

The emailshot arrived in my inbox. I had a look at it and raised one eyebrow, in that James Bond way that you know me so well for.

I clicked on the link and perused the things. The blurb said stuff like:

"A ball for all occasions"

"A seat that will not occupy your whole flat"

"A unique, flexible solution for modern day lounging."

Then, as I looked further, I came across the one that had my name, in invisible ink but there nonetheless, plastered all over it. This one said:

"A combination of a classic old sports car mixed with a WW2 fighter pilots jacket. A popular male choice with its sports car seat interior and beaten up leather looks. Men appreciate the embroidered detailing. The tongue in cheek numbering, and the squeak you hear when you get comfortable in it."

You don't need to be a regular around here to know that the words hit me right where it matters. I was ever so slightly hooked, I chucked the email in my favourites to come back to. It sounded like a plan. You know, avoid that spur of the moment impulse buy thing and look at it again in a week or so to see if it's as attractive then.

Frankly, it I hadn't looked at it again about three minutes later, if I hadn't clicked the "order now" button, it would have been a superb plan, one that probably would have won me awards, Nobel peace prizes and things.

But do I care?

No, because it really is the coolest thing ever.

It starts off as a ball thing, ideal for lounging on as it is, with its WW2 fighter pilot's jacket look, though not real leather, a mild disappointment.

Then you unzip the chap like this:

To reveal this, the sports car seat interior with its tongue in cheek numbering. I remain unconvinced about the numbering, at my age these things can be dangerous, though I like ice cream and love Cadburys chocolate.

Then you plonk your arse on it and wallow in comfort and trendiness. The bottom bit, the bit where the bottom goes, is filled with beans feels just like sitting on a beanbag. The bigger segment of the ball, the part you lean on, is filled with air (pump supplied)and it's true what they say, it really is very comfortable, albeit in a where shall I put my legs sort of way. That's me, with my award winning arms.

Here you see it in situ, in RD Towers. I'm sure you'll agree that the worn brown leather (fake) and the bright red Mustang sports look do fit rather well. I'm keeping it zipped up though and will open it on demand.

I'm mightily pleased with it.


Sachintha said...

Even better than sliced bread?

Gallicissa said...


Makuluwo said...

Ooh funkay.
But not for girls?! :P

Anonymous said...



Dee said...

agree with maku. that's uber cool.

Java Jones said...

Is the '69' significant??

Anonymous said...

You are a total saddo, but it did make me smile.

What a flat tummy you have RD!

Soulsysta said...

that's a great little piece with quite a bit of character!