Friday, August 28, 2009

L8ly In Da Lankanosfear

So dis is all da stuff Iv bin reading in da last week dese daze.

Deres dis kid called St Fallen rite and hes lyk rytten dis post bout dem Muslims n all right. An dis post wich is now deleted rite well it was alrite but one grl, who is a geezer an evryone, lyk evryone in da world knos it but only she wont admit it hurself lyk, well she didnt lyk it so she complained to dat writer geezer, that Salman Rushdie.

And dat writer, Salman Rushdie, so hes lyk a m8 of St Fallens Dad or sumfing, dey used to be in da same gang or sumfing. So he rings Dad Fallen and tels him wats bin going on and so da Dad he tells St Fallen to delete da post. or hes grounded for lyk a month or sumfing. So St Fallen well hes made da ryt choice and deleted da post but now hes going to delete da blog and hes rytten a goodbye post and its all comment city dere. Its serius man, u name it hes left a comment dere.

Even dat David Blackers commented and called us all emos and like wat doz he know, hes so old an almost even over thrty or sumting. Dis is serious shit u kno.

Me and sum m8s are gonna organiz a demo or sumfing. And one m8 well hes got a load ov dem george michael, that gay old singers, T shirts wiv freedom written on da back. An we just hav to rub out the photos of George Michael den wear da T shirts and shout and stuff.

And ting.


Sachintha said...

Darn that's TWO!
First I was thinking of writing a post titled 'Are You Happy' and there you put up a post with the exact same title.

And then I was thinking of writing a post about this vowel-less language these days which pisses me off and you put a post like that!


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach - I'm sorry about these things. If it's any consolation I was thinking about writing a post about your travels around Italy but you beat me to that one.

Sachintha said...

OK I'll take that.

Dee said...


David Blacker said...

Looks like Ali G's hacked RD.

ViceUnVersa said...

Dinn't like even unnerstan anytin dude? innit though?

Anonymous said...

First post I ve understood RD, thanks m8!!

realskullzero said...

Hahaha...nice! :D

Makuluwo said...

Lmao! :D