Friday, August 21, 2009

DD's Gone Mad, Moi, Naked?

DD put up this post. I just don't engage with fuckwits, that's my response. Full stop.

And it's not DD I'm calling a fuckwit.

But, I mean, I have to say. I like DD, he's a friend and all. Friends can still talk rubbish can't they. He says:

"I can assure you of one thing, some chicks would die to see some of us in our b’day suits. But not you mate. We are very pleased with how we look and have no need to steal photos from image banks."

This is news to me.

"Chicks" dying to see pics of me in my birthday suit?!!?

Where? Who?

Just contact me, I'll send you some immediately. Money may have to be discussed and the amounts may be large, but I hope you'll allow me to pay you in installments.

Wishing all a merry weekend out in the blogosphere, or maybe even the printed blogosphere, or maybe the online printed blogosphere.

With genuine apologies if I've put you off your breakfast.


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ViceUnVersa said...

One must you know take these things and file them under 'creative freedom'.

Lady divine said...

hahaaa. funneh