Thursday, August 13, 2009

Deecee, Colombo, Excitement And Time, All In A Quickie

I think the title says it all really. It's a quick post to say some things. Quickly.

The first is a thank you to Dee. She's been reading my blog and has left a whole load of comments on many of my posts, nice ones. I mean nice comments, not necessarily nice posts. I was going to reply to each comment individually but thought a post would be nicer.

Thank you Dee. I actually put quite a lot of time and effort into my forays into the vastness of the Lankanosphere so it means a lot to know that you've read and enjoyed some of them. I'm truly touched by your words.

And then there's Colombo. Well I'm so fucking excited that I have no idea how I'm going to get through the next few weeks. Why? I booked a ticket the other day, a ticket to Serendib, a ticket to Serendib for me, moi, old RD.

So my usual countdown has begun and with my increasing familiarity with Lanka comes not a hint of blaseness, not the slightest bit of indifference nor any touch of nonchalence. Each time I go I get more excited. Even now, as I think of it, those butterflies start to flutter and I can feel my heartrate speed up a tad. I bet my bottom dollar that DD knows exactly how I feel, I bet he's half jealous and half pleased too.

I was thinking about time recently, saying to someone that time never passes as we expect it to, yet we're always surprised by it. What I mean here is that either things happen more quickly than we've imagined or more slowly. We see someone and are amazed that it's two years since we last saw them, saying that it feels like only a few weeks ago.

Or we talk about how the week or month is dragging on and taking much longer than it feels. We never say things like "gosh that week felt exactly like a week" or "yesterday felt just like twenty four hours to me", maybe just because that would be quite boring. Why is this?

That's things covered for now, hence the "quickie" thing in the title.

Did I mention I was excited?


Dee said...

whoa! I would have loved it if the post said "My exitement on the colombo quickie with Deecee."

haha! you are very welcome RD. Just catching up on my blog reading. :)


Angel said...

Looking forward to stalking you at Odel :)

Lanka Lover said...

god save mother lanka while someone in town