Monday, August 10, 2009

One True Cool Lady Divine

With a sad tear rolling out of one eye and a happy tear rolling out of the other one it's time to bid farewell to Ian S and say hello to Lady Divine, well to their blogs at least.

I must admit to having a soft spot for the good Mr S. He was one of the very first people to read my blog, his was one of the first I read and life has evolved in such a way that I find myself with connections to him that are too unlikely to be found in fiction. It's more proof to me that, in the life of a Sri Lankan, six degrees of separation is merely a furrowed brow inducing concept that happens to other people in far off countries.

But the facts are there for all to see. His blog hasn't been updated for over four months and a dead link in the rapidly evolving world of hyperlinks and can actually be a negative to one's own blog. He's out, he's gone, white suit and all. A return to posting will see him back in the hallowed wall of links on LLD.

And you know what they say; as one door closes another one closes. So I'm pleased to welcome a new link to these parts. I'm embarrassed to say that this blog is one I've been reading for a long long time and have never linked to. More than anything it will make my life easier. There'll be no more scrolling through Kottu wondering why it isn't there until I remember that it has an "a" at the beginning so it's filed in the A section.

David Blacker once described my blog as a "pimped up diary", a label that I like and feel quite chuffed with. Some write blogs to do good, some to change the world, or maybe their island. Some write to write, coming out with poetry and prose, rhyme and oh I wish I could have thought of something to rhyme with "rhyme" there. I write, if one can label it as such, just to empty my head, to chuck out some of the many thoughts, questions and ruminations that go on there. I tell you the reader about things that have been going on in my life, as do many of us.

And Lady Divine, who many know anyway, does similar, but with a degree of honesty and openness that I find unusual. When I say "unusual" I mean it in a nice way, not in the way that Dinidu's habit of cracking eggshells between his arse cheeks is unusual. Lady Divine's blog is a definite heart on sleeve blog, not so much a pimped up diary as a totally open and reveal her soul diary.

This could all be a front, though I suspect not. It might just be the case that behind closed doors our LD is a mentalist with a thirst for blood and a hunger for flesh. Or worse, a Lankan MP maybe. It is very unlikely and it's her honesty that makes her blog appeal to so many people and readers. It's the sense of openness that makes so many want to follow her triumphs, her disasters and her interractions as we sporadically accompany her through her days.

Just in case you're one of the few that haven't read her blog I'd recommend it. You can click on the brand new link on the left if you want, as long as I remember to do it.

Happy Monday all.


Lady divine said...

Awwww...RD, you make me smile....AGAIN!:)

Thanks so much for this post..:)

For quite sometime now,I've been checking my stat counter and wondered how I get hundreds of people reading me and what makes them follow me so much. I'm no extra-ordinary writer though I may have a different and simple style of writing. But I've noticed a LOT of people have me on google reader and actually bother to follow.

Majority read and hardly comment and it's stat counter that revealed the real picture.

And I think I found the answer to this in your post..:) So thanks again..:)

and I could be a MP (eww) or a killer? really made me laugh there..:)lol

Once again - A big thank you..:) and glad to have made it to your glorious blog roll..:)

Big Divine Hug! :)

Ian Selvarajah said...


I knew the day would come... but don't worry, I'll be back sooner than later! :)


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Ian - Of course I'll still be stalking you on FB and following you in all the other ways, so don't be a stranger.