Thursday, August 6, 2009

There Are Three Kinds Of People

Those who can count to three and those who can't.

Ha! Sorry, just my little Poya day joke, I hope Poya day jokes aren't banned these days.

I was thinking about charity the other day and did decide that there are three types of people;

There are those who just don't do anything for charity, those who do things for charity and talk about it and then those who do things for charity and don't talk about it.

The first group isn't an issue for me. I figure that people have reasons, ranging from outright selfishness to lack of resources, that it's up to them and their conscience.

The second and third groups are the ones that create some of the old RD mental turmoil. Is it too simplistic to say that the people who do charity work and keep quiet about it are the "better" people, whatever "better" actually means?

Perhaps it's just my own values and judgement that are coming into the fray but I can't help the feeling that the person who wants to do good for others and then can walk away happily without telling anyone is the truly great person.

But, if they tell no one there's the danger that they'll be seen as a group one person, someone who does nothing for good causes. Maybe that doesn't matter to a truly content person.

Some people, I'm sure you know many of them, are outrightly and blatantly driven by recognition as their main motivator. You know the type, the ones who'll always want to be the star, who have to be the loudest, the tallest, the most talked about in the room. They'll do one good deed and tell a thousand people about it. They're driven by the need to be recognised and powered by the recognition they get.

We're all motivated by recognition, just in varying degrees. I love the feeling of finishing a gig and getting some recognition from people, some applause and pats on the back, a bit of praise and admiration. I don't thing that recognition is number one in my motivators though, responsibility is.

Those people who do charitable acts and keep it quiet are my real heroes. Well I suppose my actual heroes are the ones who mention things to a few people, preferably me being one of them. Those that make a big song and dance about things I can't be that bothered with.

The fact remains that, whether they make a song and a dance or keep totally quiet, they still do their bit for charity. So that's good then.

Isn't it?

What about you? Would/could you do things for good causes and not tell a soul?

The honest truth is that I think I'd struggle, but can exist happily with only telling a few.


ViceUnVersa said...

Tax write off and then you tell.
Personal reasons, stay that way. Personal.
A virtual fuck off - You take out a newspaper ad.

Interesting query...

Good Morning RD, just logged in before sleep, figured I'll catch you when you log in.

Have a nicest day!

Lady divine said...

Well, I think it all depends on how the person feels. there are some who keep quiet about the good deeds they do.. there are others who feel good in letting others know what they've done... and then some like to get the fame of doing good deeds I suppose..:)

I for one, prefer to write everything on my blog..:) but I hardly ever talk about these..:)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DD - You have a nice day there too!

LD - I know one person in particular who often says that she does charity work but doesn't like to talk about it, then talks about it all the time. It's very funny to observe once you see what's going on.

Sachintha said...

If I say here that I don't do any charity here, will I be in #1? Or can that suggest that I could also be in #3?

Or if I'm in #3, and say so here, then will I still be in #3?


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach - Welcome back, thanks for confusing me on a Monday morning as well!

Ian Selvarajah said...

My father would often refer us to something in the Bible that says:

"But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing."
-Matthew 6:3

Thus, in general, I like to think I'm #3 because I don't talk about charitable donations. However, I will publicize humanitarian work if I believe there's a funny / interesting / good story to tell (e.g. my Tsunami relief trip to SL or my project in Nepal). :)