Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday To The Don

If there's one blog on the Lankanosphere that can be considered legendary then it's Indi.ca.

And today is its birthday, its sixth birthday. I'm joining the throng of people who'll be wishing Indi.ca a very happy sixth birthday and I shall raise a glass to many more.

For a moment let's forget about Kottu and let's concentrate on Indi.ca. I know that's a bit like asking a fellow to look at Pamela Anderson and forget about Baywatch but just go with me on this. Go with me because I think Indi is quite literally and whatsiscalled, you know, not literally as well, linked with Kottu but his blog is a separate entity.

His blog is just like this one, like any of them listed on Kottu, yet it's easily the most popular one out there in the Lankanosphere. That, in itself, is no mean feat. And Indi does have some mean feet. Here's the evidence to prove it.

There are some blogs that do unique things, that have carved out a niche and sit comfortably in that niche continuing to do revolutionary things at regular intervals. Indi.ca is one. He talks about politics, about his family, his work and his life in general. Then he gives us photographs too.

The beauty about his blog is that he makes the reader feel as if we're walking alongside him through his life. We don't feel as if we're missing out on anything, it's really as if we're there all the time, like that thing about God on the beach and all. Sort of.

It definitely is one of the blogs I admire and respect. There's a handful of them and Indi's is in at about number one.

So many happy returns on this day Mr Ca.

Here's to the next six years and a thank you for the posts so far.


Sachintha said...

Congrats Indi!
Here's to many more!

Cricket Tragic said...

Ah, nice to know this fact!

Indi's blog is one of the blogs which has a good blend of politics as well as personal rants.

What I like about the political part is that he always has a reason for whatever opinion he carries, rather than just shouting his opinion out like a frenzied monkey.

As far as the personal rants are concerned, it's great that he doesn't delve too much into his personal life but writes enough to make you want to read the article!

3 cheers, Indi! :)

indi said...

It's been six years? I didn't even know. Thank you RD

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indi - I meant every word, except the nice ones!