Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lost Sri Lankan Beauty

I was browsing through some old photos and came across this one. It brought back so many memories.

I guess it must have been about twenty years ago, on an unnamed beach somewhere down south. The weather was warm, the fishermen were out on their stilts. Palm trees swayed in the ever so gentle breeze and the sun slid gently down towards the horizon.

At first I saw the vivid splash of red and thought of Baywatch, as men do. She ran in my direction and her hair, like her breasts, undulated gently. I'm sure if there's such a thing as an undulation that's not gentle, but that's not important right now.

In that split second, as she headed towards me, I made a decision that I've regretted all these years. It was the decision to grab my camera and focus, quite literally, on taking a picture. I could have stopped her to talk, maybe got to know her and who knows what might have happened.

I got the picture, I missed the girl. Her beauty faded into the sun and I was left wondering if it was a dream. The picture told me it wasn't.

I never saw her again, but here's the picture, perhaps you know her.

Sometimes I wonder what might have been....


Gyppo said...

The woman of my fantasies!

Hilarious R. This has been your best in a while. Loved the undulation bit, hahaha. Really needed a laugh today. Thanks.

St. Fallen said...

you scare me.

Anonymous said...

The more I look at this picture, the worse I feel.

Anonymous said...

I just gagged ! RD !!!!

Its monday morning over here ( 7.46am to be my whole week will suck !)...


themissingsandwich said...

What a stunner I tell you! A fine example of feminine beauty...Imagine what your children would have looked like if you hooked up with this amazing specimen. :P

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

G12 - My pleash, as always.

St F - Harsh, but understandable.

Anon - that's what staring and raw beauty can do to a person.

MtheC - Well then you have weird taste!

TMS - Somehow I just knew you'd appreciate her.

St. Fallen said...

I echo anon :p

posts like these should carry a warning!!!

JP said...

Now girl RD has a face