Friday, August 7, 2009

One Of The Nicest Things About Me!

It's not often you'll hear me getting all slushy and romantic here at LLD. I feel that, at 43, I'm a bit past all that. Not past it in relation to how I act, I'm alright on the romantic side I think, but I'm not going to get all bloggy about it. I'm not going to pen love poems and share little stories with you about walking along beaches and holding hands with C.

Nor will I suddenly start bunging in words from Bryan Adams songs as if they're just nice songs and not to do with the things going on in my mind. Or Milli Vanilli songs at that.

But, I will tell you this story.

There I was, chatting to C on the phone, something we do a lot of, mostly because she's in Singapore and I'm here, here being London. The conversation drifted effortlessly towards an Any Winehouse song, as they do. I sung the drum part to the song.

You'll know the one, it's that incredibly funky one, I forget the name but the groove goes like this:

doom dar ger doom doom dah
doom dar ger doom doom dah
doom dar ger doom doom dah
doom dar ger doom dah dah

meet me down here... blah blah

That one. Well I hummed the groove for a bit and C said to me, all romantically, as much as she ever does.

"Do you know, that's one of the nicest things about you? It's one of the first things I noticed in you."

"What is? " I said, kind of knowing but afraid that I was correct.

"The fact that you can sing drum noises well."

I had hoped for more. There's my business acumen, my fabulous sense of humour, there's my incredible good looks and my passion for many things. She could have chosen my sharp mind, my natural sense of style, my ability to remember which Indian restaurant serves which good dishes or my chicken curry. Perhaps the way I love my family and friends.

She could even have mentioned my really special skill, one that even you don't know about, my ability to drink water from a bottle, tilt my head back and then get the water to dribble out of both corners of my mouth simultaneously, with equal force. It's taken me some time to perfect it and it's something women don't fully appreciate.

But no.

One of the nicest things is my ability to sing drum sounds.

Pah, was all I could say really. Who said romance was dead?

I retired.


Ba doom tish.


Anonymous said...

haha! How really really sweet!!You shd tell us abt ur romance a bit more here, it's sounds so sweet!

And yes, I do know that I just used that word three times already!


Gyppo said...

I know what this is. It's a cunning ploy to get us to say nice things about you.

Sneaky, R, real sneaky.

I think the drum noises thing is cute. At least it's different no?

Hmm. One of the nicest things about you iiiiis... that you're always positive. It's also kind of maddening. But nice too.

I could go on but I won't cuz then your ego will get huger than even my feet :P


Anonymous said...

A compliment is a compliment I say.. take it, savour it.. swish it around your mouth..dont spit it out.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

F - No way!!

Gyppo - Thank you, thank you. I am, as you know, a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. As for your feet, well I won't mention them.

Anon - Aaah, you think so do you?

A Virile Nagalingam said...

being able to sing drum noises well is actually a vital skill in carnatic music--something revived by Adyar K. Lakshman (a closet Marathi in Chennai) to splendid effect.

So, if you can uphold a recently revitalized classical art while driving, it's no small feat.

Dee said...

awww i loved the post. tell us more :D