Friday, November 21, 2008

Doing A Soixante Neuf

I'm off for a while. No big drama though, I'm just mooching to Singapore for a week or so. There'll be no deleting of my blog or anything like that.

By the time you're reading this I'll be firmly ensconced on a nice Singapore Airlines A380, my new favourite plane. My inflatable pillow will be operating at its limits and my iPod will be repeatedly blasting out the songs that I need to learn.

Drumming magazines will be read, the Samurai book will be devoured with the hunger and eagerness of an out of work Japanese actor about to audition for a remake of the Water Margin and I'll be as relaxed as a fellow after a night out with Java, something I know a little bit about.

As I right this, at 8.40 on Thursday morning, I'm faced with a burning issue. I know that I'll be leaving London when it will be cold, maybe snowing, and the question of what to wear on the plane looms large. I know that it will be my slim jeans (not skinny, just slim) in "half wash blue". They do have a slight tendency to slide down my arse a bit but the old Rhythmic bum looks good in them as long as I keep them pulled up.

The chocolate brown Converse (s) cut offs will accompany but I've yet to decide on the socks and pants. You know me, I like to live dangerously.

On the pants front I was disappointed the other day, as I pulled out one of my many pairs of Odel pants from the drawer, to see one of those gaping rips across the seat. Fortunately this wasn't one of the brightly coloured and prettily patterned pairs, just one of the stripey ones, but the frown on my face was deep as I contemplated whether I had done one too many stealth farts.

I know that I'll be wearing a particular scarf, the orange and brown striped one. Isn't it funny how the world today is about the size of a whole country from thirty years ago?

I'll be flying from London to Singapore, something I've done many times recently. I'll finish work on Friday, dash off and change and shower, then go. I'll be wearing pants and a scarf that I bought in Odel only a few months ago. Cool.

The big issue is my choice of shirt and or jumper. Do I wear just a shirt knowing that it will be warm enough on the plane? Or should I wear a T shirt with a jumper, giving me a mixture of warmth with the ability to take the jumper off as I near the equator? The downside of that is the whole carrying around the jumper thing.

I don't know, but I do think I'll have figured it out by the time you read this.

I might do a post or two while I'm away, I might not. Sometimes these breaks are good to fill the mind with inspiration and observations, especially if one detaches from the very thought of observing and just enjoys the moment.

One of the little chunks of wisdom I read in my Samurai book the other day is that life is just a load of moments strung together and happiness can come from focusing on enjoying each moment as it happens, without thinking about what's next. Well, as soon as I figure out the shirt and jumper thing I might just do that.

Back in a bit.



ViceUnVersa said...

Ha ha ha...

RD have a good one. Actually as some of us know why you go, I guess it'll be brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

By the time you see this you would have arrived, so enjoy the weather, Snow predicted over here on Sunday. :(~

Let us know how the jumper thingy turned out...

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those Singapore Girls (Air Hostess').
Have a good time and don't forget the work!

Anonymous said...

Are you gay...

Should you be?

Indyana said...

Hello from nearby Thailand! Hope you are having fun too!

Soixante Neuf said...


If you ever deleted your blog, your stalkers would die. Seriously. Z, are you with me?!

Come back soon :)


Ps- I'm not commenting as much but I still read your blog faithfully. I like to call it silent stalkerage. It's gonna be big.

FRGT10 said...

haha i love your posts.. quite new here but enjoying it to the max.. its always a good read.. have a good one..

Erandi said...

Not to be a spelling nazi but...fourth paragraph, third word - shouldn't the word be 'write'? :):P

That said, funny stuff RD!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DD - Thanks, the heat here is very nice. I passed Lanka on the way and waved on your behalf. Went for a blue cashmere V neck in the end, but took it off even before I got on the plane.

KS - Roger, will do.

Indyana - Certainly am, you too.

6 - I wouldn't dream of it, I love the attention way too much. Silent stalkerage is good too.

Anon - No and probably

FRG10 - Thanks a lot, it's always great to get a new reader, I hope you stick around.

Erandi - You're absolutely "write", a mistake that I am rather embarrassed about but thank you anyway.

ViceUnVersa said...

Hey thanks for the wave! (sobs). Blue Cashmere - Nice. Have a good one...

surani said...

Welcome to my part of the world RD.

Love your blog by the way. I've one of the stalkers that Soixante Neuf is talking about ;o)

Jerry said...

Re: the samurai book, You going ninja on us? That why you're hopping over to singapore?

Zephyr said...

RD ...

Of course i will miss stalking you along with Ms 6 ... but RD don't you miss her? i miss 6 ... pls RD .. you have got to convince 6 to come back ... *bats lashes and makes eyes big like saucers*


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Zephyr - I'll still be posting, as you may have seen. As for 6, well I respect her decision, I guess she has reasons for it. I'd love her to start up again but won't be hassling her to do it. That's despite the big eyes and lashes!