Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Am I Doing?

Up at 6.56 AM on a Sunday morning?

Well, I was woken by a strange dream, that and an alarm clock.

I'll be up and about in a minute to go and collect A and take her to her drum lesson. Our routine is nice now. We stop at a local Starbucks on the way, I grab my Latte Grande, then we drive the minute's journey to the drum teacher's place. A goes in and I sit and wait in the car.

Today my choice of reading material will be the latest trashy novel that I'm devouring. It's another book that's written for what one could describe as a slightly less masculine reader than myself. It's all about glamorous women, money, sex and designer labels.

I've got two new CDs to listen to in the car too. They couldn't be more different and are both a bit fantastic. The first is by Pendulum, a drum 'n' bassish outfit. The more I listen to it the more I'm drawn in to it. The drumming is by a guy called Paul Kodish. His playing is as sharp as a needle, really on it. I think this CD will be a new regular listen for me.

The second is the Rev Al Green's newest. The music is played and produced mostly by the guys fron the Roots. Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson is one of the funkiest drumming cats around and this record, with Rev Green's voice behind him, is the perfect vehicle for his tasteful and grooving drumming.

The day starts early in these parts.


Anonymous said...

I do not think I let my parents sleep late ever since I could walk (I don't know about before that, may be kept them up whole nights). The last I remember was Sunday morning martial arts classes that I really wanted to go to and some how managed to convince my Mom that she should too!
After that I bicycled to where ever I wanted to go to. Good Job RD! (It really feels great and secure to have your parents near by! within reach! ((even better tethered to a rope, like I did last time went climbing!)))

Sasani said...

hmm........your choice of reading material sounds so much like....'sex and the city' :D

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

KS - Thanks, it's hard at times but us parents do try.

Sasani - It's a different book but along the same lines. I think I might be growing manboobs with each turn of a page.