Friday, November 21, 2008

He Has To Go

Well I think the time has come. Although I love his blog and his writing Unbound Urchin, or at least the link to his blog from here, is going to have to go.

It's now five months since his last post and, even though one of the latest entries tells us that he's busy with Uni things, I think it may well class as a dead blog. I hope Mr Urchin is keeping well and will welcome him back with open arms to our little family of links when the time comes.

Of course, in the meantime that creates a vacancy for a new blog to step up to the challenge. At the moment, off the top of my head, there are no obvious candidates. I'd like to link to a blog that's fresh, that has a Sri Lankan element to it and that is interesting to read. I'd also like it to be a blog that I read regularly, or at least that I would read regularly. It seems that all my current regulars are listed here anyway.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Shades of Jade

She's angry with me and made me remove the link to her blog from mine, but really writes well. The one about kissing another girl takes the cake.


Anonymous said...

Re: Unbound Urchin, I think he must have realised his writing's would be considered completely inappropriate by the LTTE. :)

T said...

Vindi: she doesn't write as often as i wish she would but when she does, her posts are always amazingly well written and intelligent.

: A fascinating insight to the life of a doctor in sri lanka. her blog has this great mix of sensitivity and humor and passion.