Saturday, November 8, 2008

What Do You Think?

I managed to chuck the floating and moving cloudey feature into my blog, it's over there on the left.

It wasn't easy for me. Copying code, pasting and then backing up my original template in case it all went pear shaped might be second nature to the Cernos and Kalusuddas of the world but it's fearsome territory for me. Every step was accompanied by feelings of "shit what if I accidentally delete my whole blog?" and some stealth farts that were so good even I didn't I was doing them.

There were no major disasters. I guess those two words are pointless when used together, what would a minor disaster be when it's at home? But, the first attempt resulted in a label cloud that was so big and messy that it was more of dark and foreboding thundercloud than the light and frothy cumulonympho I had hope for. It wasn't the fault of the bits I had copied and pasted, it was because, since I started tagging my posts, I have been way too tag happy.

If there was a tag to be applied I chucked it in, as if they're going out of fashion. So my cloud, filled with every tag I had ever used, was just big jumble of text. It took me hours to find out how to delete some of my tags from the blog, then more hours to do it. Now I'll have to be a bit more sparing with labelling, no longer will I be the tag happy johnny I once was.

Still, there it is. I'm sure you've seen these things before. I like it lots and you may be one of the chaps who even has their own tag too.


T said...

WOW it moves and everything!! thats way cool!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, and I found "kalusudda" and once clicked took me to an article. So as well as looking cool, it works!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Yes, I love it. And you can put the cursor near it and make it spin at different speeds and directions. Too cool for school!

Soixante Neuf said...

I want!


Teach me how!!

noorie said...

i love playing with it. its so full!

i managed to delete my cloud and the whole label thing though!! :S

Gallicissa said...

The loading problem appears to be sorted now. Kool!

Sachintha said...

How do you do that? Do tell!