Friday, November 7, 2008

Lately In The American Sri Lankan Blogosphere

I could have taken the easy route, writing this and linking to the hundreds of posts about Obama, that's in just the Sri Lankan blogosphere. But no, I'm not going to do that. You know about all those posts and you've probably read and commented on them already.

I'll take the harder option and talk about important things.

As I wove my way delicately through the Obama posts yesterday morning I bumped into this short beauty. No, not the writer, though she does have the reputation of being everyone's favourite Muslim Mama. I mean the post itself. It's a clip from Friends. I've seen it a million, maybe a billion, times before but it still made me laugh so much that a tiny bit of pee might have come out. Check it out, you'l know exactly what's about to happen every step of the way. You'll laugh too. I guarantee it.

Java, who seems to be posting infrequently these days, put up one of his compilation posts. It was called "Cricket Sledging Classics" and it's about cricket sledging classics. He can be so predictable sometimes! Check them out if you're bored or have a few spare minutes. Though I'm not a huge cricket fan I do know that sledging is part and parcel of the game and many of these had me in stitches.

My newest almost favourite blogger, young Noorie, had an encounter with a cockroach of some sort. If you're a cockroach reading this I would strongly suggest that you steer well clear of Noorie's place. It may look tempting what with all the cakes and desserts made there almost every day, but it's a trap and you won't get out alive. She's got feet the size of a Colombo suburb too. There's even a picture that proves it.

The Right Honourable Lord Cerno of Cernosville Towers published one of his fascinating posts. This one was about the possibility of the Czech Republic supplying anti aircraft systems to the Sri Lankan Government. It's a bit technical and I didn't understand most of it but the bits I did understand were full of juicy links and made for chin scratching reading.

Up North of the border, well north of the English border, everyone's favourite parasitologist regales us with part deux of her Greek adventures. The skies are blue and the sea looks rather lovely. The buildings all look a but old and ruined though. A bit of demolition and a McDonalds drive thru with a cinema complex here and there would make the place a lot better.

Dinidu kindly informed us that his "ass" is fully insured, complete with a picture to illustrate the point. Over in these parts of the world, where we speak English, not Microsoft, an "ass" is a donkey type creature, I think a cross between a donkey and a snake or something. So I think he's probably referring to his "arse". Well I heard on good authority that Dinidu was refused insurance on his arse because it had a crack in it, so I reckon he's lying. Just my little joke.

There's been some sleep, or lack of, related posts here and there as well. T, over the pond, tells us about a dream she had in which Java and Mr and Mrs Chaarmax made an appearance. I know little about Mr and Mrs Chaarmax but I am familiar with Mr Jones. I know that many young women dream about Java on a regular basis but must admit the thought scares me shitless.

Then, over in the heart of Colombo, Gutterflower has had a bout of insomnia, so bad that she couldn't sleep. She's also been creating a few poetic sounding posts, full of words, verses and things like that. I reckon it's love related.

Kalusudda's been quiet for a couple of weeks, but we know it's because he's been very busy with work and car crashes. I'm sure he'll be back soon before we can say "He'll be falling down the mountain as he comes."

But he hasn't been as quiet as Unbound Urchin, who hasn't posted for months. His last post said he was doing pre entry readings for his University course. I hope he's around and alright, but a nice little post or two from him would be enjoyed by quite a few of us.

Back here in the city that is London old DD has been continuing to amaze the non creatives among us with ideas, ads and stories that seem to add something different to the Sri Lankan blogosphere. I was looking at the top 5 list bit on Kottu and trying to figure out why DD gets such a large readership. Well I haven't got a clue, but I'm one of the regulars and have learned a lot from reading his bits and pieces. Perhaps that's the key to his popularity; we learn from him.

Check out the water dress post. I want.

That's about it for now. I'll leave you with a little push towards the Godfather of the Sri Lankan blogosphere, Mr Indi, or Mr Ca really. His blog continues to be the one to look up to and his writing continues to make the reader think and laugh, though I reckon he's got slightly more than one reader. If you're one of the few who haven't read his slice of Sri Lanka then check it out.

I wish you a good weekend. I'm thinking of adding one of those label cloud things into LLD, they seem to be all the rage at the moment, just thought I'd tell you.



Indyana said...

Glad you enjoyed it! The hubby was in laughing to tears yesterday as I showed it to him again,and my bad luck for sitting next to him, my bad shoulder got some really hard laugh slaps as he watched! Ah... Friends! :)

Dinidu said...

He he... That's a good one... The ass crack joke... :)

Anonymous said...

You left me out ~sob~

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DD - Happy now?

Anonymous said...

:) Very! xxx
Looks like you do the same as I, online early morn. Mate you have a choice - sleep! I have to do school run and then run for the trains.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DD - I like my early starts, usually at my desk by 6.30 or so. I find it's the best time of the day to do things before the buzz of the day begins. Have fun out there!

Java Jones said...


noorie said...


Why am I 'young' though?

Usually when it rains it pours. But there are no more cockroaches. Hmmm. Must have been in touch with you?

R, the protector of all things unprotected.

noorie said...

If you get a water dress....... Things in the www might get ugly. What with all your ardent fans!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Noorie - Well because you are young!

On the water dress thing I was referring to the combination of the dress and the woman when I said I want. But you've given me an idea and I shall contact those Sansonis to see if I might be able to get a water sarong made. I think we could be onto something Noorie!

noorie said...

Call it the Emperor's New Sarong? I seem to be a bit obsessed with all things Emperor-related huh.

Gallicissa said...

The new label cloud looks great. But it does not get loaded at times... leaving blank space....

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks Amila, I've found the same thing, sometimes I just get a blank rectangle there. I'm leaving it for a while to see how things pan out, but may have to get rid of it if I can't find a fix.

I love the look of it when it works though.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Amila - I think I've fixed that problem now, but I need to play with the colours and appearance a bit, perhaps install a new flux capacitor and bypass the falangee. I'll try to do that over the weekend.

gutterflower said...

I have a horrible feeling it might be love related as well.

What to do.