Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The 2008 Blogging Awards - The Best Newcomer

The pace is hotting up, I'm feeling ungainly and awkward. Ungainly, because that's how I walk, awkward, because the bashful me thinks that these awards are a bit of fun and they're coming at you thick and fast, perhaps too much. And, also, quite frankly, a bit awkward because occasionally, just occasionally, I wish I knew more about the correct usage of commas.

Sir Trevor is getting impatient and things are getting near to the big one, the Blog of The Year award. It's only me and everyone I've told who know who the winner is. That's how top secret things are in these parts.

The best newcomer award, unlike VIC's views on identity, doesn't need a lot of explaining. It's doesn't watch Sirasa TV, it doesn't hold a Sri Lankan passport and, most importantly, it hasn't taken it upon itself to be the expert and authority on identity. No sirree, it's just an award for what I think is the best new blog in the Sri Lankan blogosphere in the last year.

The guest judge for this has been a little bit busy of late so I'm going to present, announce and make the speech on my own. It's a hard task but I feel I'm up to it. Katie Perry did the MTV things so I figure I'll be okay, perhaps with the occasional drum solo thrown in here and there.

The nominees for Best Newcomer are: (badum tish, ga dum dum dagga dagga daaar) - <-- that was the first drum solo

1. Jade, for Shades Of Jade. - I spotted Jade's blog some months ago and was drawn into her slightly cranky, slightly mad world pretty quickly. She describes herself as "just another raving lunatic" but she seems quite normal to me. My standards though are often deemed as "different". It's an eclectic blog, covering things from blind dates to politics and our Jade's not afraid to have a little rant when the need arises. I like.

2. Gypsy Bohemia - It's very new this one and has the look of an old sepia photograph. Gipsy's writing reminds me of no one, which is a good thing. There are interesting words, eye catching pictures and an joie de vivre that feels infectious. Oh, and she likes Britney Spears, so gets my vote immediately. Find out more about her here.

(ding ding da, da ding ding der da, ger dinga dinga dahga dinga dinga dinga dah) <---the second one

3. Soixante Neuf - There's no point linking to her blog and hardly any point in talking about her as it's all been said. But, she was new and she was different, she was popular and we all loved her. Now she's gone but remains a fading star in all of our minds. Or should that be "mind"? I'm never sure on that. 4. Kalusudda, for Kalusudda comments - I go on and on and then some about positivity, creativity and good things. KS has come out with his blog and it's right up my street. I don't know if the idea was his but it was certainly new to the Lankan blogosphere. It's simple and brilliant. People often describe me in the same way, only without the brilliant bit.

Well those are the honoured nominations. Before I announce the winner I'd just like to compliment The Missing Sandwich on the rather sexy strapless red dress she's chosen to wear tonight. Doesn't she look good over there at the back, next to the chap dressed as a nun, with the Nikon?

So, the winner of The Best Newcomer for 2008 is.....


Thoroughly deserved KS. Personally I love the fact that you write nice things and demonstrate that cream always rises to the top. Now come back, we miss you.



indi said...

Crap, I was supposed to write the intro. Here goes. My shortlist for best newcomer would be, based on Technorati info:

blog - authority - rank - reactions - 25 - 239,000 - 19 - 315,000 - 89 - 19 - 315,000 - 61 - 18 - 332,000 - 76 - 17 - 350,000 - 80 - 12 - 480,000 - 73 - 171 - - - 3

So, it's close, but Kalusudda comes out ahead. It's also one of the more old school fun blogs in that it's generally positive. Like Maharajah of Good. He writes about something all Kottu bloggers are interested in (themselves) but with a constantly positive vibe. Good show.

themissingsandwich said...

Congrats all... oh, and btw... ;-)

Indyana said...

yayy!!! That was most deserving! Happy for Kalu!!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indi - Thanks a lot for that. All I have to do now is to figure out what the numbers mean!

Jerry said...

Brilliant blogs you've shortlisted there!
Well done to the winner!

Scrumpulicious said...

I am so glad Kalu won this one. It just goes to show that nice guys don't alwayas finish last and that a lot of people can learn from him. I actually think he's lovely - bless his heart. :)

Gallicissa said...

Congrats KS!

Gypsy said...

Thanks so much RD! Really didn't expect this, being so new and all :)

And congratulations to KS, he really is pretty fantastic.


Ps - I think it's really unfair that YOU can't get any awards yourself :( What can we do about that?!

jadedshades said...

Hurumph! Hurumph i tell you! How could this be... i had my speech ready and everything! Sniff... well the better man won in the end. Heh heh

On a serious note... Kalu well done! Well deserved me says! I'm honoured to even be short listed! Yaaayyy... I'm going to blog about this... in a positive, UN cranky manner of course! =)

Anonymous said...

Man I go on a Ski trip (and a trip to please two pairs of parents), I get an award. Oh this is better than the day I could call my self Dr.
Thank you RD, I knew you could find gems in Sri Lankan dirt (I meant earth) but why a brick like me.
But love you (in a brother/father/teacher kind of way) for it and thanks to all the SL bloggers, who keeps me laughing smiling and sometimes crying for the country and the beings.
Again, I am really surprised! Love to all.