Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sarong Erection

A couple of days ago someone arrived at my blog after searching for the above words.

What does it mean?

Were they searching for advice on how to tie a sarong?

Were they looking up how to actually make a sarong?

Or, as I sincerely hope, were they looking for advice on how to deal with an erection whilst wearing a sarong?

If it was the latter then they should know the best method.

Simply untie the sarong and then tie it, with the shaft held in by the edge of the sarong, pointing upwards. Of course be careful that it doesn't protrude too much as you don't want the German sausage to be on show for all to see. Careful position of the sarong material, where it's knotted, can cover it up.

On the other hand if you haven't got enough meat in the top of the sarong it might be slip down back into the material, causing the tent like appearance you so wanted to avoid in the first place.

There you have it. You know me. Always happy to help.


Rise of the Fallen said...

I've had this problem :P
(No I'm not the one who googled -.-)
Figured it out myself though

Jerry said...

More interestingly, why are the words sarong and erection so frequent on your blog?