Thursday, January 8, 2009

The 2008 Blogging Awards - Welcome

Here we are once again. I hope everyone's seated comfortably as I welcome you to the 2008 blogging awards.

After much reading, staring at the monitor and pondering I've finally started to put finger to keyboard. This year I promise you a veritable feast of Sri Lankan blogosphere related anecdotes, awards, frolics and fun. We have a few new categories, some new bloggers and guest judges galore, some of whom might even be real.

The year has been one of peaks and troughs as far as the Sri Lankan blogosphere has been concerned, though I was talking to a hill climbing friend of mine the other day and he said the same thing about life in general. Things have been dead quiet one month, then followed by a hustle of frenetic blogging activity the next. Bloggers have come, particularly those who have read Soixante Neuf's blog, and bloggers have gone.

Some of the old favourites, very old in the case of Java Jones, have gone quiet, almost semi retired. Some have got all loved up and are now putting their effort into sex and relationship related things rather than writing their blog and some have decided that life is to be lived, not blogged about. Others, like me, Cerno, TMS and T have carried on rambling about whatever takes our fancy, stealing humour and doing what we were doing last year, although I mean the year before.

I saw on the other day that he mentioned the possibility of some blogging awards in the future and I'd like to just point out that this is supposed to be a fun thing here on LLD. It's all about blogs I read and visit regularly, about things that appeal to me, me and me. This is no place for genuine objectivity, or intellect for that matter.

In a break with tradition, although I don't know whether doing something twice in two years makes it a tradition, I've decided to be all dramatic and smartarse about things. Instead of one long post, which gets quite boring towards the end middle, I'm going to serialise things. We'll have a category each day, possibly not even on each day if I do a huge poo that I feel is worth writing about, until the last day and the big award for Blog Of the Year.

Everything is written already in longhand in my journal. Well, not so much written but mindmapped, so I know who most of the winners are. The journal is locked away in a secret vault which also contains the recipes for Coca Cola, KFC and the exact scientific formula of the smell at House Of Fashions. Elephant House wanted to put the recipe for their Cream Soda in the vault too, but it was just a scrap of paper with some writing in purple crayon that said

"Vanilla, water, loads of sugar, even more yellow colouring and then some gas"

so I said no, but nicely because I love the stuff.

Without further ado, not to be confused with "adoh", either the magazine or the word, I think we should get on with things. So tomorrow will see the first category and award.

It will be for.....

The Best Photoblog.

Oh, before I go on I should add that, although things have already been decided, I'm still totally open to bribes and will happily give out an award for a small payment. It can be in the form of money, food, drink or just a nice word or two.

Let's move on...


Thing said...

pleasse give uss. we will post you a used fisshbone. it lookss tassty i asssure you

Lady divine said...

WOW! Looking forward to it! :)

Sabby said...

Can't wait! =)

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Awesome..
Where did u steal the jokes from for this one? never heard them anywhere..

Cant wait for the awards!!

T said...

so dramatic RD!

also, i like to think my humor is my own. if it were stolen, it would prob be better.