Thursday, January 8, 2009

Land Like No Other

Like many people I'm appalled by what's happening.

One of the few things I remember from school is that the two pillars of democracy are liberty and freedom. I also remember strange school dinner type of smell that used to hang around near the lecture theatre.

Cowardice prevents me from writing exactly what I think. What I will say is that there are many differing opinions about the situation. There are extremes on all sides and Lanka somehow manages to have people in the middle holding extreme views. I'll be fucked if I know how but it happens.

Intelligent people spout shit, shit people spout intelligence and everything appears as if there are no frames of reference.

Yet, no matter what the opinion, what the mindset or who the person is, there appears to be a common denominator.

We all have that passion for the country that is Sri Lanka.

Surely that must mean something?


cerno said...

The only passion rulers of Sri Lanka has ever had (with a handful of exceptions) was power at any cost. And sadly a majority of people will shrug and go along with it.

Even Hitler was elected

Nittewa said...

Dear Friends,

Lasantha died fighting for your right to know.

The time has come to let the Government know that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Will you stand up and be counted or will you sit and wait till the wolves come for you?

Don’t just argue online. Come together tomorrow (9th) at noon in front of Lake House. Let us show this Government that the people are serious about democracy.


Anonymous said...

Could it be someone he was blackmailing.

JP said...

I have been thinking of this for a couple of days now. I have read many write-ups in the blogosphere as well as the eulogies in the weekend papers. And this morning I read that much circulated editorial. I have mulled over much, on putting my thoughts to words , but for some reason I was not prompted to do so . I was not moved. Not until I re read the last sentence in your post. ”Surely it must mean something”.
Hmm, I have had my share of arm-chair scrutiny of the plight and I too have the perfect plan to take Sri Lanka towards Utopia (like most ).

I too have had my share of short pangs of patriotism, which does give one quite a rush. Then I remember Patriotism, that was Hitler’s excuse too.
This is one question I’ve been asking around . When you say “Sri Lanka” what is the first image that comes to your mind ?

For some, it was String hoppers , Pol Sambol, Barefoot garden, Hikkaduwa beach, BIA…And the list goes on …what is it for you?