Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Tag

I got tagged by my favourite stalker, Dramaqueen, so I need to respond. You know the rules; if you're tagged you respond, even if you're the legendary Sri Lankan blogging hero that goes by the name of Java Jones.

My problem is that I thought about New Year's resolutions last night and decided that I don't have any, well I don't have any of those proper serious ones. The ones like "I'll give up smoking by January 2nd" or "I'll be better friends with God", something I say with the utmost respect to Hissyfits, Dramaqueen and themadcatwoman, yes, to all of them.

It's cool with me if she wants to improve upon her relationship with the G man, it's also fine with me if you decide you're going to stop smoking. It's just that I don't really get the whole thing about resolving to do something on January 1st, then by about the third week of January it's gone, forgotten and gone. And forgotten. Again. On the other hand, if it works for you then go for it I say.

My mindset on this is that life is all about making our own choices, making our decisions, taking responsibility for them and getting on with things. So, when people wish me luck, fortune, cup cakes and all sorts for 2009 I gratefully accept their wishes and blessings, with the firm feeling that my year will be as good as I want it to be.

But, I need to think of some resolutioney things to please Hissyfits. So, if I was that way inclined, these would be my 2009 New Year's resolutions:

1. To listen to more music I don't like, particularly Jazz.

As a musician I need to do this to keep learning and to broaden my musical horizons. Jazz is a style that I love to watch live but just don't appreciate or understand when listening to. I want to though. Whenever I watch people playing Jazz I'm usually awestruck by the level of musicianship on display. Of course the whole listening to more music I don't like is one thing, but you won't catch me listening to classical music. That's crap and you know it.

2. To try to enjoy the moment more.

I haven't decided which particular moment that is but I reckon that one that happens now would be a good starting point. Living for it, living in it, savouring it and truly enjoying it means being in the now, without thinking, worrying and stressing about the next thing. I've started working on this already and it's quite nice. And quite nice is good.

3. To take less shit from people.

It's a complicated one this. I mean that I should stamp on behaviour that I find unnacceptable sooner. I'm quite good at telling you that I think you're behaving like a total and utter wanker, it's probably one of my best skills. If there was a new Olympic event called "telling someone that they're being a wanker without the slightest hint of diplomacy or subtlety" I'd be a master at it but I'd never win a medal. Why's that RD? I hear you asking. Well it's because I have tendency to leave it too late. I let people get away with behaviour for too long before I call them on it. Then, when I do it, they're so surprised that my words don't really achieve much. In my new fantasy Olympics I'd be the best athlete around at the new event but I'd turn up too late for each race.

Those are all the ones I can come up with so far. There's a vague one about the perfect pair of jeans but I've half written a separate post about that so I'll save it for later. In my world the post is always half written, never half unwritten. Also, as I started writing this I thought I'd chuck one in about listening to more Placebo. I'd started listening to an album and thought it was smashing, fantastic and spiffing.

It is, but after about fifty minutes it's finished and I'm bored with them. So we'll forget about that one.

I'll tag Java. He'll groan and moan, he'll scowl a bit but I hope he'll do a post.

I'll also tag David Blacker, just because any post of his is always a good read.

And I'll give Soixante Neuf one. Just one more post 6 please. Surely you can do that for us.

And I'll resolve to start less sentences with an "and".

And use "less" quotation marks.


dramaqueen said...

Why RD (in southern slang)... you actually sound a bit serious.
But you have responded nevertheless. I am pleased.

ALl hail Dramaqueen.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DQ - Yes, sorry about that. I inadvertently strolled into serious territory. Just a momentary lapse of concentration and there I was. I will keep my eye on the ball in future.

Java Jones said...

Hey RD - We don do resolushuns no more maan. Dat be a resolushun we made som years ago - so what to do???