Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hands On (Part 2) - Elegance, Eloquence and Elephants

Continued from here.....

She glanced down now, so much later, as they drove along the dimly lit road. His left hand flexed then relaxed, smoothly changing gears, his right rested casually on the wheel. Competent. Sexy. She turned away, inexplicably saddened, unbearably aroused. If she forgot everything, she'd remember those hands. ‘What’s wrong’ he asked, sensing her mood. She glanced at him, his perfect profile, her voice a mere whisper of need, ‘pull over’.

"What?" he said, though he had heard her the first time.

"Pullover, you forgot your pullover" she said.

His left hand flexed then relaxed again, smoothly changing gears. Changing gears smoothly was a skill he had picked up when he was in the States, Sri Lankan drivers were fundamentally against the idea.

"Ammi I don't need a pullover. I think I'm old enough to decide that now. And, can't we stop doing this whole 'you're a groupie and I'm a guitarist rock God game now'?" he asked, getting a little bit lost in quotation marks and question marks. "It's not natural and all my friends think you're a bit weird, particularly when you wear the leather trousers."

"Darling you should have worn the pullover, the one with the sheep on it, you'll catch a cold and you know how that makes you feel. Pullover."

"I'm fine" he said, with anger, hostility and some of the parippu from dinner in his throat.

"I said pullover" she matched the anger and the hostility but she had never been a parippu fan and could only offer a strand of spinach covering two of her front teeth.

Despite the way she clung to him, despite the way she insisted on looking after him, even when he didn't want it, despite the way he almost hated her at times, he'd still catch himself marvelling at her elegance and eloquence. If only she owned a herd of elephants the sentence would be complete. There was something sensual about the way she could use the spoken word and she'd make the most average of sentences sound like the most delicious of seductions.

"No, you stupid fucking cunt, pull the fucking car over, there's something there, in the fucking road." she said.

He slammed his foot on the brake and peered into the night.

She was right, there was something there.

It was....

Over to Darwin now.


Gypsy said...

Oh jesus. I haven't laughed that hard in a long long long time.

Of course you killed the poetry of T's beautiful post but this was so hilarious I totally forgive you.

Have you ever considered writing? A book I mean? You're brilliant!

Harsha said...

wow .. great story .. love the twists and half turns

T said...

omg RD thats horrible! and hilarious. pullover!

Sabby said...

There goes T's post! =)
Hilarious though...a bit disturbing about Ammi's sensual use of the spoken word. Ermm...but funny, nevertheless. =)

Darwin said...

Ahahahah RD that is awesome. I nominate this post for Funniest Post of 2009. Seriously. Sorry T, we've really ruined your story now!

I'll try my best to match RD but I can't make any promises. Anyone intrested in doing the relay after me? If we can sort it out on the comment section here then I can 'tag' you formally when I publish my part of the story.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Gypsy - Thank you very much for the nice words. Yes, I have thought about writing, but haven't we all?

Thanks all for laughing too.

I hope DQ accepts or is given the story baton at some point in this

Gallicissa said...

Good stuff, RD!

Scrumpulicious said...

Totally ruined T's post but definitely funny with the pullover! :)

Java Jones said...

Hey RD - even Java cracked up. Nice one - verrry nice!!!

Dee said...

ohh nooo you ruined the sexy story RD! hahah...good one though..let's see what darwin comes up with :D

Jane Doe said...

way to kill the story RD. I loved it nevertheless :)

Darwin said...

I think I've made RD's story look beautiful and serious, let me just put it that way!