Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 2008 Blogging Awards - The Shitload Of Comments Whenever They Post Award

I know I'm piling it on with two awards in one day as well as Obama's little thing going on but it's because, as those fellows in Muse would say, our time is running out. It's Tuesday and there are five more awards to go, I lied yesterday when I said the same thing. There were actually six left but one was hidden under the carpet.

And, on Saturday I depart for a quick week in a little island I know and love, so things have to move along a bit now. It's like a TV awards show where everything's running behind schedule because one of the winners has made a huge speech in which they thanked too many people, cried a bit too much and generally went overboard and Trevor McDonald is sitting there impatiently waiting to read the News at Ten. So, I'm typing this very quickly and, if you can read it very quickly, that would help too.

When you see that last year's winner of this much coveted title was Indi and the previous year's winner was Nazreen Sansoni I think you'll get some idea of just how prestigious this award is. Despite the seemingly flippant title this is a heavyweight award, in everything but weight terms.

There are no guest judges for this one, it's just little old me, the slightly pervy Uncle of the Sri Lankan blogosphere. Let's do this thing. The candidates are:

1. Gutterflower - I don't know if it's just me but something seems to have happened and I can't see much in the way of Gutterflower's archives, which isn't a euphemism. And doesn't the word "euphemism" sound like a euphemism in its own right?

But, our Gflower says something and everyone reads it, everyone comments on it. It's a fact of life, blogging life at least.

2. Indi - Last year's runaway winner is back this year. He is the undisputed Godfather of the Sri Lankan blogosphere and he's done it without writing about sex (much) and without saying totally contentious things just to get people's backs up. Check out this little twenty one comment post for a good example.

3. Voice In Colombo - This is an enigma of a blog for me. I believe, though please correct me if I'm wrong, that it's written by several contributors now. Nevertheless I almost always disagree with what is said there, yet am always fascinated by it too. And many others are fascinated and fixated, so many that there are regularly shitloads of comments, though statistics show that 98.7% are from Sittingnut.

And the winner is.........

Voice In Colombo.

I'd like to congratulate VIC or the people who write it for this fine achievement. It was a close thing between Indi and VIC but there can only be one winner. Someday I'd like to buy the original VIC chap a drink and share a wade or something. He'd probably beat me up and throw me out of the country for not being Sri Lankan enough but I'll take the chance.



Darwin said...

I can't read VIC because I disagree with most of the content. Reading it makes my head hurt and most of the comments by him and similar minded people epitomises the problem with Sri Lanka and national identity and all that.

Yes, now I am a traitor for saying that out loud, I'm an armchair critic, I'm a non-sri lankan. Oops.

TheWhacksteR said...

He'd probably beat me up and throw me out of the country for not being Sri Lankan enough but I'll take the chance.

thats funny, man :D congrats to the sudda haters!

Anonymous said...

You forgot two of the most commented sl blogs.

Defencewire.blogspot.com and defencenet.blogspot.com

ViceUnVersa said...

Enjoy Galle RD! I am insanely jealous, bitterly envious... Caught in limbo without travel documents. Waiting for passport from her majesty's service. Thought that should take precedence to a trip to Paradise. It would have been nice for all of us to have had a union in Paradise though! Oh well, enjoy!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Anon - erm, yeah right. Sorry about that.

DD - I will thanks. Will tell you stories to make you even more jealous 'pon my return.

Voice in Colombo said...


First, I like to thank my cat, my dog, and my parrot for helping me achieving this most unforgettable moment of my life. It was those poor animals who constantly read my blog, and commented while rest of the blog readers were busy reading “sex” topics on London. Condoms, and Aids blog.

And I should be especially thankful to Rhythmic Diarrhea for hosting this years awards.

Finally to all you comment here; with your heartiest wishes for my achievement; you guys do really encourage me!

Thank you! Thank you my dear brothers and sisters!!!!

No hard feelings :-) Don’t expect anything nasty in return. I am a person who deals with opinions and arguments. Not with individuals and characters. I enjoyed your “blog awards” series. Including this one.

Voice in Colombo said...

To Darwin,

(I think RD would allow me this comment. And I hoe this comment won’t disturb the intended humor. I just wanted to reply, to Darwin’s comment)

The problem with Sri Lanka exists not because of people like me; but because of attitudes like yours. The attitude that “I should read/listen to things that I agree with; and things that make my head comfortable”. It is that attitude of “not listening to others, and not trying to understand others’s opinion, and selectively paying attention to the things that you want to hear, which creates the distance in between your world and our world.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t read my blog. But, if you stick to that attitude and only read/listen to things that you can agree on; that’s not good for your own self. Not an advice. Just a thought!

gutterflower said...

Aw shucks. My first nomination. I be honoured.
Didn't realize that I get that many comments. :)

And yeah, my blogs a bit screwed up in terms of its display. Its been PMSing on me for quite some time.

David Blacker said...

I'd agree with that anon -- the last DefenceWire post has 2,753 comments when I checked today! Of course, they're all just by three guys living in Australia, but still.