Friday, January 9, 2009

The 2008 Blogging Awards - Photoblog Of The Year

The first award in this annual feast of blogging biggies heads in the direction of Nikon, Canon Olympus, Pentax and Fukuoka, the big five in the photographic world. I'm also quite honoured and just a little bit nervous as I introduce the first guest judge in the awards, a certain Mr Dominic Sansoni.

Some of you may just have heard of him, he has been known to take a photograph or two himself and is in fact the very first winner of the LLD Photoblog of the Year award, something I know he values greatly. It is also alleged that he controls 90% of the global traffic in Lamprais, though he continues to deny this, a bit too vigorously some say.

For some weeks now we have been studying photoblogs, looking at the quality of the images and drinking mysterious substances that smell of fish.

The nominations are:

Aamina Nizar

Yanik Tissera

Naren Gunasekera

Anush Wijesinha (last year's winner)

Amila Salgado

Sebastian Posingis

Alefiya Akberally

Apart from the older photographers most of the nominees are relatively young, but all of them have kept me entertained all year with their many spectacular photographs. Sadly there could only be one winner, unless we chose two of course.

The winner is the wonderful scrabble playing birdwatching fellow himself Amila Salgado.

Strictly speaking his blog probably isn't even a photoblog. It's packed to the rafters with narrative and interesting bits and pieces as well as the photographs. Sebastian Posingis came a close second but both Mr S and I agreed that he's too good looking to win the award this year.

Of Amila, or Gallicissa, Dominic said:

"Are you more of a Sociable Glider (adult male) or a Common Pierrot or in truth a juvenile Elusive Adjutant that I had mysteriously overlooked?

Anyway, I try not to get distracted with other life forms when I am chasing a particular target. These aggressive behaviors are characterized by charging & chasing of young males when they bask in the hot sun in the warmest times of the day when they are also quite approachable if you apply your stealth mode."

I can't quite figure it out either, but really that's what he said.

I leave you with this example of Amila's photographic talents and congratulate all the nominees.

They're all winners.

Except the losers.


TheWhacksteR said...

always loved that pic! nice one Galcissa.

Gallicissa said...

Cor Blimey!
What a joy it is to be nominated along with those giants…And emerge victorious!

This really is a momentous day for mankind.
It is an honour to hear those remarks by Dom. I’d like to give my special thanks to him.

The year 2008 brought about many pleasant changes for me. In September that year, I underwent a rite of passage that is dear to every budding photographer. That was making a change over from the fun, fabulous & frisky world of point & shoot photography to the exciting, exorbitant and expensive world of dSLR photography.

Even Hitler is with me with the last of those merits. See:

This award is a huge moral booster for me, Rhythmic Diaspora.
Thank you very much!

Dinidu said...

Congrats Amila! :D

Sachintha said...

Congrats Amila!
Some cool photos indeed!

Gallicissa said...

Thanks a lot, Whackster, Dinidu and Sachintha!

Java Jones said...

Great choice, RD / Dom. Amila's photos never fail to blow me away. Congrats Amila - well deserved indeed.

Gallicissa said...

Thanks as always, Mr. Jones!