Friday, January 23, 2009

Where Do Those Comments Go?

As I left a comment on Lady D's blog a short while ago, it was my second attempt, a thought struck me.

I know I'm not the only person to go through the whole missing comments thing. You know, when you leave a comment somewhere and it doesn't show up. I often see people who leave a comment here and then manage to send it twice. I presume they hit the submit button twice or just aren't sure if the first time worked.

Not that often, but occasionally someone will tell me that they've had trouble commenting here, that they have lost a comment. Java had a spell a while ago in which he maintained that none of his comments got through, though he often makes up things to get attention so we can never be sure.

Then there are comments that bloggers must decline to publish for whatever reason, perhaps because they're spam or insulting or whatever.

What happens to them?

There must be billions of unpublished or lost comments floating around the great big blogosphere.

Perhaps there's a room somewhere where there all kept in a cupboard, maybe they're filed away. How would you file them anyway? I guess by the name of the commentor, but the "A" section would be too big with all the anonymous ones.

Hmmm...I wonder.


ViceUnVersa said...

I think it's google or the browser you use. In my case Safari or Firefox. I have to log in twice, even to my email on google.
Every time I comment on the google blogs I keep having to do this. Never tried on Windows. So don't know.

sach said...

Maybe they've all formed a cult.

Delilah said...

hmmm...maybe the unwanted comments create blogs of their own. So they can bitch about the rest and leave nasty comments. I can think of one new blog that sounds like they were once just rejected comments;)

gutterflower said...

They hobnob with deleted posts by day and with those hidden drafts which lurk away unpublished, at night.