Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 2008 Blogging Awards - The Best Overseas Blog

It's like Wimbledon isn't it, as we move into the second and final week of the awards and the tension, excitement and boredom build to previously unknown levels. We have five more awards to go and will finish off with the much sought after Blog Of The Year title.

Today's award, for the best overseas blog, is accompanied by yet another genuine guest judge in the form of The Missing Sandwich. It's an award that goes to the best Sri Lankan blog that is written overseas, as in overseas from a Sri Lankan perspective. Simple really.

The Missing Sandwich is one of the best, and most well known, bloggers in Sri Lanka. In her spare time, when she's not writing adverts, appearing on TV herself or being featured in the newspapers, she likes to organise Olympic Gaymes and act in plays. So, to get her along here for a bit to help out with the judging is something I'm quite chuffed about. Let's get started shall we? The nominations for Best Overseas Blog are:

1. Viceunversa - We all know of and probably read DD's blog. It's made up of about 60% advertising and creative world things, 40% Sri Lankan bits and pieces and then about another 30% of random things about life, DD's in particular. The fact that its content adds up to 130% proves how interesting it is and it's almost always in Kottu's top posts.

2. Indyana - I did think twice about including this in the awards. Purely because Indyana now resides in Hong Kong and writes little about Lanka. But, she used to live there, she has a strong Lankan connection and, what the hell? I like her and she's brown too. She continues to regale us with tales of her kids, her husband and the life of an Indian in HK and I know many in the Sri Lankan blogosphere read the tales as they unfold.

3. Darwin - The first winner of the blog of the year award has been a little bit quiet of late but she can be relied upon for ongoing quality, some ongoing ranting and the occasional hilarious sheep related story. I mean the story is hailarious. not the sheep. Well, I suppose it might be a funny sheep but I don't know. She's always opinionated but never afraid to give her opinion. Cool. And I mean Darwin there, not the sheep.

4. Ian S - Formerly, and still often, known as theonetruecoolguy. Ian's is one of those blogs that I feel I've grown up with, rather it's grown up with me. Over the years we've followed our management consulting, charity working intrepid blogger as he's visited, worked in and studied in country after country. From Sweden to Nepal it's been fun and interesting and I hope the adventure that is Ian's life continues to be reported online. I'm still unsure about the white suit though.

5. T, or Sosnazzy or Dance in a triangle - I'm never sure with these bloggers who change their names what to call their blog, but T is the name of the writer for sure. She's an alien in New York, though seemingly legal, and over the year has narrated stories of drunkeness, boys, weddings and the life of a girl who works hard and plays hard and writes a bit. She basically does everything that I know my kids will be doing in a few years' time, but I hate the thought of it.

6. Kalusudda - He's the first and only newbie in this category but thoroughly deserved. I'm a firm fan of KS and I think that a person who comes up with the idea of writing about other blogs in a positive light is to be commended. Sorry Darwin, I don't want to go on too much about it though! It's been good to watch KS' blog develop from one that only commented on other blogs to one in which he also now tells us about his own thing. But, he's been quieter than a quiet thing in a church lately and I hope he gets back to us soon.

There you have it, those are the esteemed nominees and I'll pass things over to TMS for the award and her few words:

"I can't believe I didn't make the connection between T and Dance in a Triangle! She's my shoo in for the winner. An almost 23 year old, Calvin loving, alcoholic with a reluctant bohemian streak. The thing about her posts are that anyone can read them and find something to nod, chortle or snigger about. She's got that knack of being able to double relate. What do I mean by that? She's relates her stories and anecdotes in a way that others can relate to it ofcourse. This girl is going places and I don't just mean in the New York sense of it.

Close seconds are Indyana and Darwin. Darwin's blog is in dire need of a facelift though. Indyana comes in 2nd too I guess. She writes so well and comfortably that you can't help being drawn into her posts.

Ian and DD come in 3rd. Although I think Ian needs to blog about something more than work-related stuff. DD... well he concentrates on advertising and politics. Not that I'm one to talk! Although he is utterly ballsy and that certainly makes him a good read even if you disagree with his sentiments.

Kalusudda's blog comprises mainly of holding up a mirror to the rest of the blogsphere. And, though this does have its benefits, one wonders what he has to say for himself."

There you have it, she has spoken and judged and the winner of the Best Overseas Blog for 2008 is T.

Many congratulations T and thank you to the others for the enjoyment they've given me.



pissu perera said...

ooh, nicely done RD (or TMS, whoever did the picking)! congrats t. i especially like the description-
"An almost 23 year old, Calvin loving, alcoholic with a reluctant bohemian streak." :)

Gallicissa said...

Congrats T!

T said...

well, what an absolute honor.

I'd like to thank RD for hosting the awards, and TMS for her lovely, if rather strangely intuitive words, though i dont appreciate her talking about my age on this public forum that way.

*bows gracefully and modestly*

Indyana said...

Graciously accept the nomination! thank you and all that continue to read!Surprisingly have one for you as well today!Strange timing this!

Darwin said...

Congrats T :) Thanks RD for the nomination and TMS for the kind words. I might get round to doing that blog-facelift someday (actually hopefully it will be Dr Darwin that does the facelift!) but for now I'm happy with the consistency.

themissingsandwich said...

T - the mention about your age was your own doing. :-) My words were all from things implied in your blog, which I love and read incessantly by the way.

Darwin - the only face-lift your blog needs is a visual one. Certainly not in terms of content. That's the advertiser in me wanting the layout to be as good as the copy.

Congrats all!

Indyana said...

oops so that was really tms commenting! thank you for the kind words TMS!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indyana - Yes that was really TMS. All the guest judges have been genuine, except one!

themissingsandwich said...

You're very welcome Indyana. I love reading your blog!

T said...

oh wow. i didnt know the guest judges were REAL. i thought that was just you being all witty RD.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

T - All except George Bush. I just wanted to make that clear!