Sunday, December 7, 2008


Looking around at the Kottu blogs this morning and I discover that Mr De Alwis is the latest person to delete his blog.

First it was Soixante Neuf and now Dinidu.

It's not on. I don't mind it when people decide they want to stop blogging, that's their right and I'm sure they all have their reasons. But this annoying thing about deleting all the previous posts is just that; annoying. Yes, yes I know there are ways and means of reading the old stuff, through Google Dreamcatcher or whatever, but that's not the same.

It shouldn't be allowed.

Leave a comment to show your disapproval.


A Virile Nagalingam said...

i deleted my facebook account (that's allowed and recommended).

Deleting blogs is only for people suddenly confronted with:

a. six-figure job

b. porn career

c. family matters.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Well AVN, as a person who has faced all three of those issues, except two, and continued to blog through them, I have little sympathy.

Middle Child said...

let's pretend I have any right to comment about other ppl's choices..and if i do, im going to say that it is indeed a pity ..but it IS their call.

PseudoRandom said...

I would say that the only reason to delete evidence of your online existence (blogs, facebook/myspace etc. etc.) is if you perceive the content to be incriminating...i.e. if you think that things you have said are going to get you in trouble.

Well then...why say them in the first place?

indi said...

All three, except two. Nice

Anonymous said...

The son you never.. is back. May be he got your message!

Darwin said...

Heh I agree, deleted blogs are annoying. I suppose they have their reasons though. I doubt I'd be doing that anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

4th reason

sex change

Anonymous said...

Witness protection?
Pursued by Mafia?