Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Vampire Strikes Back

On a whim, in a Tesco and browsing at the book section I bought myself a copy of Twilight. I don't know if you're aware of it but it's the book that's taking most of the western world by storm, most likely the eastern world too. More importantly it's taking the life of A, my fourteen year old, by storm. She's totally obsessed by the book at the moment.

All she wants for Christmas is anything to do with Twilight, all she wants to talk about are the characters from the book and all she wants to do is see the film as soon as it's out. So it seemed like a good thing to do, to buy the book and read it and see what all the fuss is about. In this time of awkwardness in my relationship with A I wasn't sure if she might be angry with me for reading it, in a sort of encroaching on her territory way, or chuffed that I was interested in it.

I deliberated on the very serious issue of whether I should tell her of my latest literary venture. Should I read it and slip a few references to it into the conversation just to test the water or maybe just blurt out "hey guess what I'm reading?" and risk the wrath of a teenage daughter?

As it turned out my deliberations, ruminations and ponderings were all academic. K saw it in my bag and shouted "hey guess what Dad's reading?" in such a loud voice that most of Teddington and some neighbouring areas like Sweden are now aware of it. My fears proved unfounded and A was as pleased as punch with the situation, which in turn has put me under some pressure, of the kind I secretly like.

Conversations with both the girls have ensued, about the book, the characters and my suitability to read the thing. They're okay, in fact they're chuffed that I'm reading it, A in particular. Our interactions are littered with questions about how far I've got in it, what I think of Edward and my mental activity regarding anything you can think of that's vaguely related to the story.

The three of us had a discussion about why I was reading it. My explanation was along the lines of the first paragraph in this post; that I was browsing Tesco's book section and it was number two in the bestseller's charts. I was unsure if this (and still am) is a girls' or teenager's or adult or everyone book but bought it anyhow. I truthfully told them that one of my reasons was because I wanted to see why A was so obsessed with it. K, in her dulcid but gifted tones replied casually

"I don't know why you're bothered Dad. You read girls' books anyhow."

We chuckled, it was something I could hardly argue with, as you may know if you've read this.

So I'm now engrossed in this story of teenagers, vampires and the life of an American High School. It's strangely captivating and I feel like one of those fully grown people who you see unashamedly reading Harry Potter books.

In the past, when I've found myself caught in a storyline involving glamorous women, money, sex and men who all look like film stars, I've felt a need to find out what happens but haven't wanted to show people my choice of reading matter. I've dealt with these matters by reading behind closed doors, hiding the book and keeping quiet about it.

In contrast I'm okay with being spotted with this book. The opening chapter tells of a smart and responsible teenage girl with divorced parents who, for several reasons, goes to live with her Dad after some time living with her mother. The mother's got idiosyncrasies and the father's a bit clueless but a responsible sort of fellow who tries hard to please his daughter, usually failing abysmally.

I don't see why A relates to this storyline yet, but am hoping things will become clear to me.

In the meantime I'm getting deeper and deeper into it. A has offered to take me to see the film when it comes out, though she is of course going with friends to see it first.

I think it will be good to go with her.


Sachintha said...

Hmm sounds interesting.
Maybe should buy it the next time... of course gotta wait till I finish the one I read now.

Ineshka said...

Yes, do that :)) You are a nice dad for finding ways of bonding with your daughter :) Have fun and I should try to get my hands on this book as well since I am also one of those unashamed adults who publicly read Harry Potter :)

Middle Child said...

I cuaght the bug from my sister who got the whole series from her friend..been obsessed in Edward ever since. Thought the whole thing was rather mushy but Edward captivated me :) oh well. if the movies doesn't do justice to the book, which is ususally the case with books turned in to movies, it's going to be a sore dissapointment.

The Lost Puppet said...

Interesting. I have ontemplated picking it up too. the girliness of it has held me back do far, maybe i'll change my mind now.

Scrumpulicious said...

I've just finished reading the first two. All within 4 days! I couldn't out them down and I'm quite surprised! I don't know what it is but there's something about them that make them awesome!