Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That Mad Cat Woman

The Unbound Urchin has gone and Hissyfits, or the mad cat woman, I get confused, is in.

I had a goodish read of her blog and it cracked me up. Any woman who can talk, well write, freely, about her toilet habits, farting and life in general and make me laugh that much gets my admiration.

She's not perfect, as there appears to be a soft spot for dogs and a boyfriend. But she wears tight skirts and a thong and even mentioned a drumroll once. Cool.

If you haven't read her already then click on the link on the left and prepare to laugh and smile.


Lady divine said...

you're damn right... she's one helluva great person!!:D and she admires your writing too..:)

ok DQ, pls don't kill me for this!!:)

DeeCee said...

lol yea...wish she wrote more frequently :D

dramaqueen said...

YAY! I am on the hallowed LLD list! (Sheds tear and blushes in nether area)
I'd like to thank Gawd, my pet cats...

But seriously. I am honoured. Spank you. :D Remain confused.

Double yay!

Anonymous said...

Yep, she has been giving all of us fits for a while! (and makes my roaming easier!)

gutterflower said...

Good choice. :)