Friday, December 12, 2008

A Bit Of Poya Day Information

It's Friday, here in London it is anyhow. It's less than freezing out there and I've recently decided that I hate it when people say "Brrrr it's freezing out there" when, in actual fact, the temperature is way below freezing. Freezing means zero degrees, assuming you're referring to the freezing point of water, it doesn't mean minus five.

I'm in a jolly festive and bright mood. I've just had my regular morning conversation with K. She was on her way to school dressed as a turkey, the bird not the country. On Wednesday night we made a huge pair of wings for K to attach to her arms and today is the day when she utilises the costume. I'm not sure why, something to do with Christmas. She told me that she was wearing red tights with black shorts and a red hoody, with the wings and a hat thing with bits stuck to it. It doesn't sound very Turkish to me. Cute though.

Last night I had the first practice with the new band that has somehow formed. P, the rock chick singer and guitarist, is good and I always love playing behind a good girl singer. I don't know why, there's just something about backing females that I enjoy more than backing blokes. Perhaps, at the most basic level, it's just because the drummer spends most of his time staring at either a cymbal or the singer's arse.

Arses, in my humble opinion, look better on girls than on men, radical I know. But it's not really that, I just like the feeling of a woman's voice kicking out rocky songs. Last night was our first time playing together and I think it went well. I enjoyed and walked away with that buzzy sensation every muso gets after a fun band practice, when we enjoy the night in its own right.

You won't know this, in fact you probably won't care, but I can now tell whether it's a Poya day from the stats for my blog in the morning. It's hardly rocket science but I find it mildly fascinating, a two word phrase I should be shot for using.

I heard a fact that really was interesting this morning. Apparently the moon today is the biggest appearing one for fifteen years, so it will look supermassive tonight. This won't affect you lot over in Lanka as the one that you see is a different moon, but it'll be pretty spectacular here tonight.

My random outpouring of facts and what have you is done.

Wishing you a moontastic weekend.


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