Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dinidu's Post - The Truth

Mr de Alwis kindly wrote a little post in which he talked about a friend of his on Facebook, how that friend had been hit with a load of conditions by his daughter which would apply in order to necessitate friendship, or Facebook friendship at least.

Well those of you who are FB friends of me may know this already, but indeed I am that friend. The child concerned is K, which probably won't surprise you. The full letter to me went like this:

Dad, You Poo Poo.

Did You Have A Nice Christmas In Singaporian Land ?

Now Let's Cut To The Point...

I Made A New Bebo Because My Other One Was Boring And Had Fam Fam On It

And Then It Accidentally Got Deleted.

Therefore It Appeared We Were Not Friends.

But I Have A Few Conditions About Facebook:

1. You Cannot Add Any Of My Friends (Except For Family).

2. You Cannot Comment Me Anywhere But My Wall.

3. You Do NOT Tell Me What I Can And Can't Do On Facebook.

4. You Shall Call Me By 'K... Or Miss K' (You Seem To Enjoy That Nick Name) But Nothing Else Like 'Darling, Honey, Sweetheart Etc.' (Not That You Do Already?!), Oh And Kashunia Is An Acception.

If You Fail To Obey Those Rules I Will Delete You As A Friend.


Bye Daddy, xox

I'm still wondering about the best way to respond to this. As a means of buying time and to establish some sort of opener I've told her that I'm not prepared to accept her conditions and haven't responded to her request for more information. And then I got stumped.

What do you think?


Gypsy said...

Hahahahahahha! Oh my God, that's too classic.

I have no idea how you should respond to it but she's sounds so feisty!

I especially love how she starts with "Dad, You Poo Poo" - DEFINITELY her father's daughter! :P

FINroD said...

oh my... :O .. i had a feeling dinidu was talking about u.. hehehe

dramaqueen said...

She's good. I'm gonna try these lines on my dad. Thanks RD!

Blogger #1 said...

Unless you are Kermit, you could ask Ms. Piggy to fuck off. Politely of course.

Lady divine said...

Hilarious! I so admire K right now..:)
love her guts!:)

Jack Point said...

RD, you have met your match. Admit defeat and accept her conditions.

Anonymous said...

Gosh...she's a brat isn't she?

aufidius said...

Hilarious! now lets see Daddys next move!

Sachintha said...

Admit it RD, you're no match for her.

Just accept the conditions and be friends with her, that's the best you can hope for! :P

FINroD said...

u know contrary to what ppl say.. facebook if used properly does has vast amounts of security that u can use.. like for instance.. i for one have added my siblings and all those conservative cousins.. into a limited profile restriction which allows them to view only the goodie two shoes side of me... hehehe... clearly K hasnt been told about this..lol otherwise ud be thrown into one hehehe... oh btw i still havnt added my dad on FB... dont think i will even hehehe... waaaaay tooo dangerous..

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Well I'm still thinking about my next move, but am highly amused at the fame, or infamy, that K now has, of which she is blissfully unaware. We're all agreed that she's outwitted me though.

FINroD said...

mate I know she s your daughter and all tht.. but well.. what is the big deal man.. if she doesnt want to except your friend request.. just let it be... I mean you are not one of those OVERLY protective parents who want to know exactly what their children are up to yeah?... she is a cheeky one tho.. hmmm... I say dont add her.. its gonna be her loss not urs hehehe...

Dinidu said...

My, well I never!

My mom is on facebook, and I've put her on limited profile. Since she hasn't done that to you, I advise you to go along with whatever conditions she put. Because something will be better than nothing, no? Plus, face it, having a daughter this cool, is kinda cool, so, you're pretty cool. :)

Good that there are no strange women who profess their love towards you on facebook. Imagine the horror of K, or worse, C, finding out! :)