Friday, December 5, 2008

Lately In The Sri Lankan Blogosphere....

It's oh so quiet. Look at the whatsernames..

Java - 1 day ago - But a damn fine letter to Mr Claus nevertheless

Gallicissa - 1 day ago - What a fantastic owl picture though.

Hissyfits - 1 day ago - You do talk so much sense, but must try harder.

Dance in a T - 1 day ago - It must be love.

The Missing Sandwich - 2 days ago - The ice melts

Naz S - 2 days ago - Probably still jetlagged

Sach - 3 days ago - But she's got a new look.

Noorie - 4 days ago - Exams and doolally

Dinidu - 4 days ago - Worrying.

Darwin - 1 whole fucking week ago - Must be TGDBS

Confab - 1 week ago - In a Black Label stupor

Gutterflower - 1 week ago - Please please we want more.

Kalusudda - 1 week ago - Holidays are no excuse

Theena - 3 weeks ago - Come on machan

Ravana - 4 weeks ago - Par for the course, sadly.

Ian S - 1 month ago - It's Nepalling.

Cerno, Indyana and Viceunversa are off the hook. The rest of you, see me in my office after school.

Oh, good weekend all.



Darwin said...

Sorry! Too many posts in draft mode, not enough time to polish them up, so I'm guilty as charged. I blame it on TGIBS.

themissingsandwich said...

May I ask what kind of punishment you have planned for us? ;-)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

OK Darwin, apology accepted. TGYOU'VEBS must be a lucky G

TMS - I haven't decided yet. But don't think that putting out a quickie with lots of "fucks" is going to get you off the hook!

Indyana said...

Well,I'm honoured to be considered still part of the Sri lankan blogosphere! And thank god I'm spared! Do winners get anything?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indyana - Winners get nothing, except my love.

Anonymous said...

Hey it is no holidays anymore! exactly 118 kids trying to pass their Phy and unlike most profs who like to assign them to assistants, and look after graduate students, I wallow with them.
Will write soon. Even if I do not win, hope some love will come this way!

gutterflower said...


Thanks for waking me up from hibernation. I would probably have waited another week otherwise.

Ian Selvarajah said...

I'm getting back into it!! I promise!! :)