Sunday, December 21, 2008


That is to say, insomnia, but for Asians.

It's 1.00 AM and I can't sleep. Off to Singapore in the morning and some zeds would be good now, Instead I'm wide awake. I've browsed all my favourite blogs, checked things in the Facebook world, had a glance at my email and eaten half a bar of chocolate. You know, all the things that normally help a chap to sleep.

I finished Twilight too. The end was good, as was the middle and the beginning. A has seen the film twice now and K's off to see ot tomorrow. I wonder it it will be showing on the plane, that would be good. But I better keep it quiet from Indyana's daughter of course.

Shopping with K yesterday was eventful as she called upon me to help her choose a book to read, more about that later. Suffice to say I was well out of my depth. I calmed myself by buying some new shoes. They're brown and pointy and so cool that I've contemplated taking a picture of them and putting it up here to show you.

I've decided not to. It's okay for girls to do that sort of thing and get other girls to coo over their new footwear but I reckon it's not a masculine road to venture down.

Ah well, perhaps some sleepiness is finally hitting me.



Indyana said...

Oh I feel soo miserable that I couldn't let her go! As I was reading this I minimized it just in case her almost teenage sixth sense zoomed in on this!ah!

noorie said...

the last book is awful. like truly.

come back soon.
what you doing for xmas?

noorie said...

do you have a secret second family in spore which we dont know about?

come to sri lanka as often instead!!!!!!!